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According to a news article today, there is a legislative proposal in Sweden that would require castration (described as removal of the testicals or ovaries) prior to gender reassignment surgery.  The proposal is being met with fierce opposition by what is described in the article as “a leading gay and transgender rights organization.”

Is this all about stopping the would be Thomas Beatie’s of the world?  Everyone knows of Tom, even my 6 year old, the transgendered guy who recently gave bith to a baby.  If you don’t remember the details, I’ve provided a few photos for you.  The baby is adorable and Tom was a pretty hot chick during parts of his life. 

Several of you have posted in response to Amber’s reaction to an Austin LGBT magazine with only the whitest of pages.   What about this new legislative proposal?

The article claims that a side-effect of the hormones taken by these folks acts as a natural sterilization.  But as in Tom’s case, they can stop treatment allowing for the possibility of a little bundle of joy . . . and media attention.


The labour lasted 40 hours
  Thomas Beatie’s (born Tracy LaGondino) Lives