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CLICK HERE > Bisexual Twin Sisters Strap on Their Sex Shooters For A Shot At One Love – We’ll Miss You Tila

They let Tila take several shots at love but looks like her hunting days are over and now we’ll be forced to watch sexy bisexual girly twin sexters as they strap on their sex shooters taking aim at guys and lesbians.

In fact, let us force you to “Read More” where you’ll find more photos and a video of the sister act.

Is that Lindsay hiding behind Sam's Hat

Is that Lindsay hiding behind Sam's Hat?


We don’t know if Courtenay Semel and Thien Thanh Thi (“Tila Tequila”) Nguyen are inspired by the ancient myths of Egypt, Rome and Greece, or occultism; but we’re sure that a need for attention inspired the mythical photos that you can find of the Lesbo Duo at CeleBuzz.

We conclude:

                1) Semel is a lesbian with evil-like facial expressions and she probably did have sex with Lindsay Lohan (not that having sex with Lindsay causes an evil face).

                2) Tila has had sex with women and we like that idea. 

                3) If Tila and Semel would forget about the cameras and talk to each other – they would probably find each other fascinating; such different lives and experiences. 

                4) Semel is much prettier than the chipmonk photos that are usually published (the press has a habit of publishing the ugliest photos of Samantha Ronson too).

                5) Semel may look better in these photos because she has her clothes off – nice abs.

For readers wondering how the hell Tila became a “celebrity,” this is what Wikipedia says, “She is known for her appearances in Stuff, Maxim, Time, Penthouse, her role as host of the Fuse TV show Pants-Off Dance-Off and her position as the most popular artist on MySpace (according to page views) as of April 2006.[2] She was raised in Houston, Texas. Her MTV show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila premiered on October 9, 2007.

Now here is the part for Courtenay to read (please note the tomboy reference in close proximity to “boarding school” – maybe she is a dyke).  I’d love to sit down with Tila and her family to hear the details of the stories that serve as the basis for this short description:

“Nguyen was born in Singapore, where her family had emigrated from Vietnam after the Vietnam War.[3][4] When Nguyen was a year old, she and her family moved to Alief, a suburb of Houston, where they lived, until they were admitted to a gated community run by a strict Buddhist temple.[5] The family left the community when Nguyen was eight.[6]

While in middle school, Nguyen became a tomboy and was eventually sent to a boarding school for six months for her combative behavior before transferring to another school.[6] While in high school, she used her sister’s identification card to enter nightclubs, where she began recreational drug use[6] and joined a gang. In an interview with Import Tuner, Nguyen said she had been searching for a sense of identity: “I was really confused then, [because] at first I thought I was black, then I thought I was Hispanic and joined a cholo gang“.[7] Later, friends outside the gang briefly helped turn her life around. However her past caught up with her, and she fled to Queens, New York at the age of 16.[5]

If you don’t want to head over to CeleBuzz, here are some of the photos after the jump.  Oh, also threw in one photo of Courtney’s parents.   “Brain research – looks like they should have done that before they produced their evil spawn . . .