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  • This really ticks me off.  I mean really ticks me off.   Two small children have been raised for 5 years by 2 mothers.  One day the legally recognized mom decides that she wants out of the relationship.  Sometimes it’s because of another love interest, sometimes it’s because her brain was sucked out by the force of religion . . . it really doesn’t matter why. 

    All that matters for the kids is that their parents are no longer going to live together.  It is a crushing blow to children.  Their parents are their anchor to the world.  Everything revolves around their parents. 

    In light of the f – – – ed up law in the US, many gay and lesbian parents can take advantage of the situation.  You see in heterosexual relationships there are laws to protect these children and governmental systems put in place so that parents can’t deny a child their other parent just because of a breakup.   However, in the case of a lesbian relationship . . . it’s a cage match to the end. 

    So here are these right-wing crazy fool Christian f – – – wads who come in and try to help the scum bag mother who would keep her children from their other mother just because she doesn’t want to be in a relationship any longer. 

    Judges often see through this and rule in the best interest of the children.  And believe me, it is in the best interest of the children to assist them in maintaining a relationship with both parents. 

    No, not to the right wing crazed Christian a-holes.  All they care about is making sure that the lesbian is punished.  Forget about the kids – get the lesbo.

    Scum – they are scum.  They can’t believe the judge is going to let these children have contact with both of their parents.  I mean . . . really . . . the ex-gay mom bought and paid for them!  Here is a link – CLICK HERE.


    UPDATE:  Here is another one from Pams House Blend.  Can you imagine how much these moms are spending to in order to try to keep in contact with their children.  It is criminal!

    Yet Another Round in Virginia (So-Called) Ex-Gay vs. Vermont Lesbian Custody Battleby: KatRose
    Thu Oct 02, 2008 at 13:41:04 PM EDT

     Pam reports on the (so-Called) Concerned (Occasionally) Women (cough! hack!) for America and their attempt to keep a mother from seeing her children.  Here is what the CWA wrote:

    Please act now to pray and support Lisa Miller as she fights to keep her daughter, Isabella. Embroiled in a custody battle with her former lesbian partner, Lisa is now a Christian who wants to raise her own biological child but has been told by the Vermont courts that they may strip her of those rights. Pray for Lisa as she and her legal counsel attend a hearing that will take place on October 27, 2008, in Vermont. At that hearing, a judge will decide whether or not Lisa will be punished for supposedly disobeying the court-ordered visitation to a woman who is not biologically related to her child.

    Lisa’s attorney, Rena Lindevaldsen, has written a letter to update everyone on Lisa’s current situation. Rena gives her own account of Lisa’s story and explains what will happen in the coming months. To read Rena’ letter, in its entirety, please go to

    By way of the Burlington Free Press we learn of the lives of Laureen and Shari.    Read the story in the newspaper

    Laureen Wells-Weiss and Shari Weiss, both residents of New York, ran off and got hitched in Canada.  Apparently, Shari is a conservative Christian Republican – she loves marriage so much that she has one every chance she gets – because she ran off and got hitched again, this time by way of a civil union in Stowe, Vermont and oh . . . oops . . . she was unionized and civilized with someone other than lovely Laureen and . . . oops . . . she didn’t get the Canada marriage dissolved prior to the new and improved civil union in Vermont.

    Laureen Wells-Weiss, Victim Bigamist Lesbo

    Laureen Wells-Weiss, The Victim of a Bigamist Lesbo

    How did it all begin?  Laureen and Shari met in Ithaca, N.Y., in the 1990s.  They were married in Toronto on Aug. 13, 2004.  However, the love didn’t last despite the matching tattoos and adjoining burial plots.  Guess the “until death do we part” was not gonna stop this love.

    So instead of death, they were parted by the usual.  Just after Christmas in 2006, Shari broke it off and rocked in the New Year with “the other woman,” Randi Wilbur.    (Please Shari – don’t change your last name to Wilbur – I have to always say it just like Mr. Ed, the talking horse.)

    Shari, having a fondness for ceremonies and life-long commitment, entered into a civil union with Randi on June 23, 2007.   Reportedly, they only share first names ending in “i.” 

    Laureen now wants Shari arrested for bigamy in Vermont and she wants a divorce in New York complete with all the financial trimmings. 

    A good liberal lawyer in Vermont, Beth Robinson, firmly states, “People have a range of understandings about these things, and until we have court decisions, nobody’s right and nobody’s wrong.”

    Well, that settles it!


    Just found this post by Laureen in March of 2008.  (more…)

    thank you

    . . .

    Couldn’t she have at least granted me the respect shown by following proper capitalization and punctuation rules?

    In fact, some bronze pottery would have been more appropriate.

    Traditional wedding anniversaray gifts

    Year British American
    1st Paper Paper
    2nd Cotton Cotton
    3rd Leather Leather
    4th Fruit, Flowers Linen, Silk
    5th Wood Wood
    6th Sugar Iron
    7th Wool, Copper Wool, Copper
    8th Bronze, Pottery Bronze

    HappyAnniversaryLesbiansI know that we have a future full of more happy memories yet to be created. It started so fantastically: the night we met, the mud-puddle, playing in the park with Kelly, waking up in your apartment with the beautiful trees outside the window, staying up all night to touch and talk, being together in your tiny shower, surprising you at your going away party, traveling all night to get to our new life together and not wanting to go to sleep once we finally got here, days spent sailing on Loretta, our trip to Mexico, the day of our Civil Union, our reception, our civil rights work, all that we went through to have our son, his birth day, our public and successful family project, and all of the little moments that have been and continue to be created everyday with our son by our sides or with him in the background giggling and talking . . . all treasures of our hearts.

    I Love You –

    Happy 8th Anniversary

    Tomorrow is the anniversary of our Vermont civil union.  It’s the day we supposedly became both civilzed and unionized.   Actually, it was one of the best days of my life.  A perfect day and I’m very serious about that. 

    Anyway, shortly after the Vermont civil union law went into effect researchers surveyed nearly 1,000 couples, including same-sex couples and their heterosexual married siblings.   The survey included my lovely spouse and I and our married heterosexual married siblings.   Yes, we were part of the survey.

    Recently the New York Times ran an article about the survey that we participated in.  After reading the article I’m convinced – we are two lesbians molded into one  . . . one big sterotypical heterosexual ball and chain marriage.   Why can’t we be more like the other lesbians in the study? 

    The study delved into the causes of marital conflict and included questions on subjects such as housework, sex and money.

    You can read the entire article at :

    Here is a quote that caught my eye, “Notably, same-sex relationships, whether between men or women, were far more egalitarian than heterosexual ones. In heterosexual couples, women did far more of the housework; men were more likely to have the financial responsibility; and men were more likely to initiate sex, while women were more likely to refuse it or to start a conversation about problems in the relationship. With same-sex couples, of course, none of these dichotomies were possible, and the partners tended to share the burdens far more equally.”

    Did they even look at our survey responses? 

    Neither of us do the housework – we have a housekeeper.  Anything she doesn’t do – we argue about or ignore.

    I have the financial responsibility since I’ve always been the bread-winner and she’s a stay at home mom.   Here is how it works . . . we decide that we’re spending too much.  She says, “that’s simple – GO MAKE MORE MONEY.”  Of course, she has all of the financial control.   I barely have change for the parking meter.

    So men usually initiate sex?  Well, I used to try that but after being told “no” or getting elbowed repeatedly, sex really became a none issue to me because I have been getting close to none for years.  Guess that goes directly to the heart of the claim that women in heterosexual marriages are more likely than lesbians to refuse sex.    Where are these committed lesbians who say “yes” on a regular basis?   . . .   (psssssssssst  – call me)

    And not only does she start conversations about “problems” in our relationship – she seems to live for the sole purpose of identifying and nagging me on and on and on about each and everyone of these “problems.”

    Here is more from the article:  “While the gay and lesbian couples had about the same rate of conflict as the heterosexual ones, they appeared to have more relationship satisfaction, suggesting that the inequality of opposite-sex relationships can take a toll.”

    Quite frankly, I’d be perfectly satisfied in this relationship if she would quit harping on all of my faults and our relationship “problems.”

    More, “Heterosexual married women live with a lot of anger about having to do the tasks not only in the house but in the relationship,” said Esther D. Rothblum, a professor of women’s studies at San Diego State University. “That’s very different than what same-sex couples and heterosexual men live with.”  

    Okay – she’s f’ing angry all the time.  Maybe I should call up Esther and ask her to personally dig out our survey response and FIX US – PLEASE!

    And, according to the article, us lesbos make fewer verbal attacks and make more of an effort to defuse situations during disagreements.  “Controlling and hostile emotional tactics, like belligerence and domineering, were less common among gay couples.”  And, supposedly if you studied us during an argument you would find that we didn’t have an elevated heartbeat or adrenaline surge.

    However, based on the reality of these lesbians – our neighbors are no doubt talking behind our backs about the fact that we’re a married hetero couple posing as lesbians.