Michael Phelps Up Close In Man-T-Suit & Man-T-Hose Sales Going Through the Roof – These Ain’t Fo’ Robbin’ No 7-11

Posted: August 20, 2008 in Lesbian, lesbians
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Dynamic Life Men’s Compression Pantyhose $18.79
Dynamic Life Men's Compression Pantyhose
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This story is from www.2lesbosgoinatit.wordpress.com .  Visit us early and often.  The Michael Phelps rudder photo is after the jump.


Of all places, the Kansas City Star is reporting this morning that the sales of pantyhose for men “have been going through the roof.”

Presenting “Dynamic Life,” pantyhose for the man on the go!

Experiencing muscle fatigue or poor circulation?

Sitting or standing all day? 

Feeling stupid?  (We added that.)

Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps close up and personal in his Man-T-Suit, more photos, a video and fun after the jump.

 “Dynamic Life” fits like a second skin and give you the relaxing feel of a massage all day. It also provides a graduated compression along the length of your leg, which effectively massages your legs, thereby boosting circulation whilst supporting your ankles.  “Dynamic Life” features a reciprocated reinforced heel to assist in the correct placement of your foot to allow the proper compression at the ankle.


If the only reinforcement you need to think about is in the area of your heel, proper compression is the last thing you need.   


And, so your man stuff (assuming you have any) doesn’t look all smashed up and sickly weird – wear underwear over or under the hose . . . just cover it up.


Even though this is not a lesbian story (because if a lesbian had a penis – she’d know not to put it in panty hose); it surely is queer. 


 Though a recent trend, male hosiery has a long history.
Holy Bodacious Buns Batman, He Looks Better Than Us!

Holy Bodacious Buns Batman, He Looks Better Than Us!


Is that a rudder in your suit?

And finally, more men in tights . . . or . . . more men getting out of their tights. 

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