09/10/2008 New Sarah Palin Scandal from National Enquirer – Click Here

Note:  This post was delayed 24 hours because “someone” had my account frozen while WordPress checked on some images from the church with the, “I kissed a girl, then I went to hell” sign. 

I’m also re-thinking my re-thinking of Palin.  Extreme right-wing Christian nuts should just stay in their houses and pray for sinners like me.  We’d all be much happier. 

So during the last 24 hours I have not been able to post anything I have been using my spare time getting straight Christian girls to kiss me . . . and they liked it.

Here is the post in question minus the “offending” images.  And yes, I agree the entire thing is quite offensive.   Wonder who on Earth had a problem with my post?  


Well, just don’t ever use images from a church website – even if there is no copywrite notice on them.  Churches don’t want to get the word out about their services – it’s all so secret you know.


I stayed up way too late last night and will admit that as a result I could be like the gay In-a-Fog Cabin Republicans.   But this has been bothering me all day.  Is it possible that we’re wrong? 

First, I’ll point out the obvious.  Democrats always reexamine their positions and rarely think in terms of black and white.  That’s why Republicans can do such a good job of staying on message.  But my qualms about the Sarah Palin thing seem a little beyond that.  

Oh, I don’t know. 

I’m shaking my head as I type this.   From what I can ascertain Sarah Palin has no knowledge of US foreign policy so she isn’t someone that I could vote for, there is just no way.   On the other hand, when I put her against the experience of Obama, I’m really not sure that he’s that much better.   Of course, I doubt that he would shoot and skin a puppy for breakfast . . .  And then again, there was a time when a man named Howard Dean impressed me with his vigor and new way of approaching politics.

Palin just seems so extreme.   Do the majority of Republicans really think that if a pre-teen girl is raped that the government should force the child to have the baby; even if her family doesn’t want her to have the baby?  What if the rapist is her father?  The government should make these personal decisions for families and their children?  No, reasonable people really don’t think that but Sarah Palin does and that’s not reasonable to me.

Do the majority of Republicans really think that Sarah Palin is ready to take over as president should she be called to do so as a VP?  No, they really don’t.   No doubt they are just as tired of what they see as Democrat antics as I am of Republican games, tricks, double speak, divide and benefit.  

Likewise, I don’t think Obama is really that ready either.  But I do think that Obama is more likely to bring us together as a country than is McCain.   I was bracing myself for Obama to pick a VP that would be selected for political reasons.   I was so relieved when he instead picked someone with the type of experience that’s needed to deal with the many diplomatic issues and outside threats that we face.  McCain, he just went for the vote.   And, no matter how much I try to see the other side, I have a really hard time with that.

Strangely enough when I came home from work today I learned that Sally Quinn has expressed some doubts regarding her own initial reaction to Sarah Palin.  I’ll give you a link for the video here in a second.

Right now I just want to reflect and ramble a little further on what all of this means.  I feel confident that Palin is not ready and I feel confident that McCain has no new ideas to take us forward and that his first chance to show leadership and judgment was thrown away to buy votes.  Yet, that is the American way, isn’t it? 

Obama is still a big question mark for me.  Instead of digging up dirt on Sarah Palin, tonight I think I’ll spend more time getting to know Obama.   If I would have voted for Howard Dean, I can’t claim that my negative reaction to Sarah Palin is all about experience.  And, why didn’t I take any pleasure in seeing the first woman selected by a major party to run as VP?  What was that all about?   Am I just as glazed over, gulping down the grape koolaid as my Fox News in-laws?   Or have the Republican tactics of using issues like marriage equality left me so bitter that I can’t think “straight?”

I’m tired, really tired.  Didn’t sleep one minute last night.  Better save this thinking for later.

  1. Anonymous says:

    You need to get more sleep. Palin is full of lies.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Palin lies.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Palin is full of lies

  4. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Do any of you think that Sarah Palin lies?

  5. patty says:

    Sarah Palin is the WRONG woman

  6. Liberal hater says:

    I just cant understand all the hate the democrats show everytime things dont go there way. I hope everyone is watching the obvious attacks coming from the democrat camp in every direction from the media to hollywood. Dispshits like Matt D to now SNL. I hope the republicans do what they do best win presidential elections just to see the faces on all the stupid liberals. Hang on liberals the joke will be on you as it always is.

  7. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    It’s very difficult for a couple of Lesbos to get anything straight but we’re trying on this one.

    An individual calling himself/herself “Liberal Hater” wants to know why Democrats show “hate.”

    Dear Liberal Hater

    Let us redefine your question to clarify. You are asking for the definition of the word “projection.”
    In psychology, psychological projection (or projection bias) is a defense mechanism in which one attributes one’s own unacceptable or unwanted thoughts or/and emotions to others. Projection reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted subconscious impulses/desires without letting the conscious mind recognize them. The theory was developed by Sigmund Freud and further refined by his daughter Anna Freud, and for this reason, it is sometimes referred to as “Freudian Projection.”

    Hope this answers your question.

    Warmest regards,

    One Lesbo and Lovely Spouse

  8. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Patty – I think we all agree (well those of us with common sense) that Palin is the WRONG woman. In fact, she’s the wrong person.

    Thanks for taking the time to read our blog and especially for the comment.


    One Lesbo

  9. Anonymous says:

    Just saw a t-shirt on Cafepress that says “I’m So Over You Sarah Palin” That about sums up how I feel. Enough with her.

  10. Twinmom says:

    Sarah Palin is one in a million. She has successfully fought corruption in a good ole boy system in Alaska, She has changed the economy in her state for the better. The people of Alaska love her and appreciate her and her family. Her values are dead on for our country in case any of the readers do not understand our Constitution it can only work in a Judao/Christian setting(country). Even if one does not agree with her values she should atleast be respected for not waffeling on what she believes and the person she is. She is beautiful, classy, smart and strong. I can not understand why most women do not support her. She is one of the very few women in politics that I can respect and support. I know that Sarah Palin’s critics see her as a stong force and they are intimidated by her or just plain jealous of her because she is one of the few that has it all.

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