Video of Johnnie’s McCaingels – Preserving the Sanctity of Marriage – Lesbian Wedding Crashing

Posted: August 22, 2008 in election, Lesbian, lesbians, marriage, McCain, relationships, Samantha Ronson, Sexuality, wedding
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At we’re still thinking this over.  Long if you have ADD. 

Johnnie’s girls will go to great lengths to preserve the sanctity of marriage, even if it means ruining every gay wedding one by one. And if someone gets decapitated, well then that’s just a bonus.

More McCaingels on Monday!

Rating:[MA] “Mature Audiences”
Honors: [pro] Atom Pro Video, Aug 18, 2008

Director: Michael Addis
Writer: Michael Addis
Producer: Julie Trampush
Cast: Natasha Leggero
Cast: Carrie Wiita
Cast: Kulap Vilaysack
Cast: Maria Bamford
Cast: Ron Lynch
Cast: Tiffany Haddish
Cast: Devin Faraci
Cast: Michael Busch

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